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3 Benefits of Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

Mobile Hard Drive Destruction in PA NJDestroy Sensitive Information Securely with Data Destruction Experts
Computers have made the workplace more efficient, less reliant on paper, and more flexible in many ways. While new file formats and distribution has made it easier to share information, it also makes it easier for that information to be compromised. If your company stores sensitive information, personal data, or confidential planning documents on a hard drive that is no longer required, be sure to set up proper disposal. A company’s strongest asset is its reputation, and that can be shattered swiftly if data falls into the wrong hands.
Consider these 3 advantages when determining if onsite hard drive destruction is the right option for your company:

  • Security – If the information stored on hard drives is particularly sensitive, keeping it within the parameters of your own property may be preferred. Onsite shredding gives you the option of having all necessary hard drives destroyed without transportation or relocation that may make the devices and information vulnerable to exposure. Plus, you get peace of mind witnessing the process of scanning and completely destroying these units.
  • Savings – Data breaches can be ugly and expensive. They cost a lot of money and time to recover from, even if the amount of data taken is relatively small. Time is an important factor for companies of all sizes and finding the time and resources to destroy data in-house can easily get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Relying on employees to do the work is also ineffective, since there are strict laws and regulations to abide by. Special tools need to be used in order to completely and securely wipe the data. Save money and time by getting the hard drives destroyed reliably and all at once, with a NAID AAA Certified team, directly on your premises.
  • Space – Computers take up less space than the mountains of paper files and documents of the past, but outdated hardware can also start to eat into valuable storage space in your office. Don’t sacrifice an entire room or closet dedicated to storing unused hard drives that could easily be compromised while left unattended. Eliminate risk and get rid of them securely while you make space for what can truly serve your employees and business operations.

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