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How We Help Your Office Comply with FACTA

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) is an amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act that requires businesses to limit the risk of sensitive personal data falling into the wrong hands. If you have a business in the greater Philadelphia area, we can help you comply.   Who Is Affected by FACTA The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on its website states that anyone who uses a consumer report for business purposes is subject to the Disposal Rule. The

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Cleaning Out Your Files for 2021 – What Should You Save?

You may not have liked cleaning up as a kid, but whether you like it as an adult or not, cleaning out files is necessary. You may have an annual cleanout schedule, you might be moving, or maybe you have just filed your taxes. Depending on how many years of records you have kept, you may have a little or a lot to get rid of. We can help at one of our local shredding events or even arrange a

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Secure Hard Drive Destruction – Choosing the Right Company

The term “data destruction” has recently become popular, and it’s an important part of today’s technology world. Information or data, like physical assets, is critical in today’s business. When the stored data or information is no longer needed, it must be disposed of properly. This is where data destruction techniques come into play. Data destruction refers to the destruction of data or information stored on devices like computers, USB drives, floppy discs, and other data storage devices. The concept may

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4 Ways In-House Shredding Is Detrimental To Your Business

A business, regardless of its size, will constantly have to circulate sensitive, private information in its day-to-day processes. Such information, whether it’s employee records, financial data, or customer information, should always be protected. As laws and regulations state, all businesses must store, manage, and dispose of sensitive information in a secure and appropriate manner. While in-house shredding may appear to be a proactive disposal plan, it can come with a lot of liability hazards as well as a lot of

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