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What is a Certificate of Destruction?

Whether it is documents, media, or computer hard drives with sensitive information, there are many good reasons to securely dispose of items that store confidential information and keep them out of the hands of others. If there are any future questions about what happened to them, the certificate of destruction we provide to our clients in the Greater Philadelphia area will confirm when the destruction was performed. This could be for internal or external purposes, particularly if a legal matter

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IT Asset Recycling: Delete and Destroy

Your company’s computer technology contains critical and sensitive information. Your desktops, laptops, USB drives, servers, and mobile devices are obvious content receptacles, but so are printers, scanners, and other items. If it has touched company or client data, it could potentially have history that needs to be deleted and destroyed.  Many people believe that if they “delete” something, it’s gone. This is not true. There is almost always a way of retrieving data that has been deleted unless the item

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How Remote Employees Can Protect Sensitive Data

Most large companies and many smaller companies offer flexible and/or off-site work arrangements for at least some of their employees. While working remotely has quite a few advantages for both the company and the employee, there are many complications as well. One significant obstacle for your company to tackle is document security. If you have any remote employees, it’s important to have a clear plan in place for handling sensitive data.  A clearly defined Records and Information Management Policy will

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Is Onsite Shredding Right for You?

Different companies have different shredding needs. TITAN offers a variety of levels of service so that we can customize our service plans to fit your particular requirements. For some companies, onsite shredding is the right option.  How Onsite Shredding Works Onsite shredding is confidential and extremely convenient. We install complimentary locked bins in convenient places throughout your organization. On the scheduled day, our specially trained technicians will come to your location in our mobile shredding truck, securely empty your containers,

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Accountants and Bookkeepers – How to Safely Shred Documents After Tax Season

Accountants in the Greater Philadelphia Area are entrusted with some of their clients’ most personal data. If you are an accountant, you may have made the switch to mostly electronic data storage. However, there are always some documents in paper form. Sometimes, those papers can accumulate into boxes of old files that need to be properly disposed of. As an NAID AAA Certified Mobile Document Shredding Company, TITAN partners with accountants and other financial institutions to help you remain compliant

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We are NAID AAA Certified Since 2007​

This certification is recognized by regulatory organizations as the premier standard for integrity, security and compliance.

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