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The Environmental Benefits of Shredding

All the paper we shred is recycled. Recycled paper replaces paper created from trees, so fewer trees are needed to supply us with paper. But that’s only the start of the environmental benefits of recycling paper. Recycling Paper Means Fewer Trees Lost, Less Waste, Less Pollution, and Reduced Water and Energy Use When we recycle your shredded paper, and you buy products containing recycled paper, we’re helping an industry that can benefit the environment for years to come. We also

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Lawyers Should Shred Documents to Protect Themselves and Their Clients

A lawyer works on many issues for clients that involve highly personal matters and financial information that, if disclosed, could cause clients a lot of harm. Unauthorized disclosures would not only be unethical but, depending on the circumstances, could result in a malpractice claim. Here in the Greater Philadelphia Area, we are here to help.   You’re Under an Ethical Obligation to Take Reasonable Steps to Prevent Unauthorized Information Disclosure Under Rule 1.6 of Pennsylvania’s Rules of Professional Conduct: (a)  

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You Create or Sell Products. Why Should You Destroy Unwanted Products?

Your entire company may be devoted to producing and selling products and some of those products probably get returned. Others are defective and you cannot sell them. How do you dispose of these unwanted products? Hire TITAN Mobile Shredding to destroy your unwanted paper and products. We will protect your company from the sale of products you want off the market by ensuring they are properly destroyed. Why Would You Destroy What You Create? Companies need to be particularly careful with

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Why Should I Outsource Document Shredding to an Expert Service?

Your business has information, either on paper or stored electronically, that it needs to keep confidential.  Breaching that confidentiality could be in violation of federal law. A breach can also expose your company to public humiliation. If you have confidential information that is no longer of use, you can shred this material yourself with some risk or outsource the responsibility to TITAN Mobile Shredding. Like many outsourcing conveniences, having an outside expert provide document and hard drive destruction makes sense.

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Is Your Office Shredder Enough for Compliance?

If you are a small business in the Bucks County or Greater Philadelphia Area, you know the importance of shredding confidential information regarding your employees, customers, and/or clients. You need to shred documents and electronic memory devices not just to free up space, but to follow laws that compel you to protect the privacy of others. You may have a document shredder in your office. Is it up to the job? What Must You Do? For healthcare providers, health insurers,

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