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3 Reasons to Outsource Your Document Shredding

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identity theftAre you struggling to keep up with the amount of information destruction your company needs? Do you find it difficult to correctly train and monitor employees who have a wide range of responsibilities? It may be time to outsource your document destruction. Shredding and data destruction specialists are available to provide consistent, affordable, and secure services that can improve the efficiency of your company’s operations. In-house document shredding often provides a temporary or incomplete solution that does not meet the demands of a growing business.
Enjoy the following benefits when you work with document shredding experts at TITAN Mobile Shredding for your information destruction requirements:

  1. Security – Safe, legal, and thorough document shredding is essential for many industries. Putting faith into employees can lead to costly errors, confusion, and time spent following up. Any accidents or oversights can lead to serious trouble for your business, including lost licenses, jeopardizing the trust of clients, and even legal action. The shredded material you produce in-house can actually provide the ‘bad guys’ with an easy indicator of what they are looking for! In addition, many different types of records are kept that do not always suit the format to be neatly ‘shredded’ by in-house machines. Information destruction experts can handle all kinds of media destruction discretely and securely.
  2. Compliance – Working with dedicated professionals will give you peace of mind that your company is compliant and current with local regulations. The NAID AAA Certified and dedicated experts at TITAN Mobile Shredding understand industry protocols and remain up-to-date with any legal developments or changes. In addition, certain employees need to have restricted access to sensitive information. Temporary team members or those without the proper security clearances can be restricted from access when you have a  professional team handling the destruction.
  3. Convenience – Operational concerns such as document shredding can add to an already busy schedule for you and your team. Most employees will not take the time to correctly dispose of sensitive material, and it often is unrealistic to ask members of a small or mid-sized organization to take on more operational tasks. Arranging consistent, scheduled document shredding services or regular purging of company records provides you with simplified processes and more time for each employee to dedicate to your business. Working with professionals can also help you offset the demands of a large scale record purge or disposal of old computers.

For efficient document shredding, work with the data destruction specialists at TITAN Mobile Shredding. Call us at (866) 848-2699 to learn more or get a free quote online for more information

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