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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Document Shredding Company

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1.Legal Obligation: All organizations, regardless of their size, must protect sensitive documents in accordance with key privacy legislation such as HIPAA and FACTA. Old business documents that contain personal information must be securely shredded when it is time for them to be disposed of. Throwing them away in the trash or recycling bin provides no protection to your company and customers, and this type of negligent act could result in legal action if it’s discovered your company failed to follow secure disposal practices.
2.Keep Your Business Secure: The use of an office shredder is a great step towards secure document disposal, but unfortunately it doesn’t guarantee the same security and professionalism that’s provided by a professional shredding company, trained specifically for the job. In-house shredding can be a tedious task, and therefore, a task that is often done incorrectly, or without thorough accuracy. Partnering with a NAID AAA Certified shredding company like TITAN Mobile Shredding in Doylestown will provide you with the peace of mind that all critical information is being destroyed in a secure manner, and as added reassurance you will receive a Certificate of Destruction that clearly indicates so.
3.Convenient Solution: Rather than having to remove staples, clips, and other materials before shredding with an office shredder, this isn’t an issue at all with a professional paper shredding company. Plus, most shredding companies will even set your business up with lockable, security bins in which you can safely store your documents before they are collected for shredding. This extra security feature will help to eliminate the risk of lost or stolen records. After you have discussed an appropriate paper shredding date or an ongoing schedule that works for you, we’ll arrive at your New Jersey location where the document shredding will be completed before your eyes, in a mobile shred truck, in your parking lot.
4.Cost Effective Service: When you have your document shredding needs outsourced there’s no need to use employee time to complete the process. In-house paper shredding takes time and often takes away from an employee’s regular job duties. By hiring a shredding company like TITAN Mobile Shredding, you save money because you’re not using valuable employee time to accomplish the task. Outsourced destruction services are typically less than ½ the cost of doing it yourself. Your staff can work away on productive tasks that contribute to generating more revenue for your business, rather than reducing productivity.
5.One-Stop Shop: TITAN Mobile Shredding in Doylestown provides additional information and reputation protection services other than document shredding. Why not take advantage of TITAN’s services to securely destroy your electronic media, hard drive destruction, and product destruction services all under the same roof? A detailed information security and reputation management program includes all of these important business practices. Look for the most protection for your company and customers, by implementing any or all of these services.
TITAN Mobile Shredding offers document management solutions that help to keep your business organized, more efficient, and most importantly, compliant. For reliable document shredding in New Jersey, and to learn more about our secure commercial shredding process, contact a TITAN Mobile Shredding representative today!
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