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Sensitive medical records dumped in public Allentown recycling bin

A mid the pizza boxes and newspapers discarded in bins at Allentown’s recycling center, blue files in a bin reserved for office paper stood out. “Patient has a history of herpes,” read a sheet in one file, with a woman’s name, date of birth and other identifying information clearly visible at the top. “High risk HPV,” read another that also conspicuously listed a name, address and birth date. Pages just beneath those revealed Social Security numbers, scanned images of driver’s

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What to Ask When Choosing a Paper Shredding Company

How to Determine Which Shredding Company is Right for You A professional shredding service can help you reduce waste, save money, and ensure security. That is why it is crucial to choose the right service to address your paper shredding needs. Failure to do your research may lead to the mishandling of your documents and ultimately result in a privacy breach. Avoid losing customers and ruining your reputation by asking your provider a series of questions to determine if they

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Document Destruction: Learn What to Shred 

How a Professional Shredding Company Can Help As operations increasingly shift to a more digital platform, the safe and secure disposal of paper documents should not be ignored. Physical documents that are discarded in the trash may contain confidential information and must be shredded to prevent crimes such as identity theft. Additionally, if you are a business owner, you must take steps to protect the identities of your employees and clients through complete document destruction. If you want to save

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Why Hard Drive Destruction is Important

Tips on How to Destroy and Dispose of Hard Drives If you have recently replaced your home or office computer, you may be wondering, what is the safest way to get rid of your old system? Even if your computer winds up in a landfill, the system’s hard drive will still contain your personal information. Unfortunately, failure to wipe sensitive data from your hard drive can cause it to fall into the wrong hands. This may result in a case

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How to Destroy Patient Medical Records

As a healthcare provider, you are responsible for the lives of your patients. To provide the best care possible, medical professionals are required to consult patient medical records. However, when patient files become obsolete, destroying health information requires a lot more care and attention than simply relying on a shredder. Instead, physicians must comply with strict disposal standards as outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). If you are concerned about fulfilling all your legal requirements, consider

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