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Why Should You Permanently Destroy Old Hard Drives?

Hard drives are the heart of your organization– storing millions of pages of personal and sensitive information regarding clients, patients, and employees. Their rich content is precisely why they are considered highly valuable assets for information thieves. When replacing computer hardware, some companies will offer to sanitize your old hard drives and later resell them. However, as long as the device is intact, data may still be recoverable. At TITAN, we recommend that you permanently destroy your hard drives. Our

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What Makes Mobile Document Shredding Different?

Neither shredding services themselves nor the idea of document security are new ideas. Open up any business management book or corporate instructional guide and you’ll inevitably find a section on how to properly store and discard documents. The rules for the storage of different types of information differ according to the industry you’re in and the nature of the documents in question, but at the end of their lifespan, it’s almost always recommended to have them professionally destroyed. If you’re

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The Philosophy of Secure Shredding Services

When you hear the word “secure,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Priceless treasures under lock and key? The feeling of safety and contentment you get from knowing that everything is as it should be? The definition of security can vary depending on what you’re discussing, but when it comes to information, there are a few guiding principles that set the standard for what it should mean for you and your company. Philosophy isn’t usually on our speaking

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