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Celebrate Earth Day, Save the Planet – Are You Doing Your Bit?

Tips from Your Professional Paper Shredding Company 

Instituted in the year 1970, and observed on April 22 each year, Earth Day attracts participation from around 192 countries across the world, where millions of people do their bit towards saving Mother Earth. Over the years, the movement to save our planet has evolved into a full-time initiative for governments, public enterprises, private businesses, as well as environmentalists. From reducing plastic pollution and protecting endangered species, to solving climate change problems and creating environmental literacy, there are thousands of ongoing initiatives as part of a global movement to preserve our planet. Are you doing your bit towards green initiatives? 

Reduce, reuse, recycle has pretty much become the mantra of anything that is environment-friendly. However, instead of celebrating Earth Day for just one day in the year, why not consider some simple changes to contribute towards a sustainable environment.

Tips to Incorporate Reduce-Reuse-Recycle in Everyday Activities

Change is not easy, and one that does not bring you any direct or immediate benefit may be harder to implement. However, even if you take baby steps towards environment-friendly causes today, you will be contributing towards a brighter future for the generations to come. Here are some things to consider.

Reduce: Transform your carbon footprint into a green footprint:

  • Walk or cycle to work or use public transport, as far as possible.
  • Conserve electricity by turning off and unplugging devices that are not in use.
  • Use less water by taking fewer baths and turning off the faucet when shampooing or scrubbing.
  • Switch from physical statements to e-statements for your banking, utility bills and other communication.
  • Reduce the use of paper with smart printing choices, such as smaller margins, double-sided printing, and light draft mode that conserves the ink.


  • Use reusable coffee mugs and water bottles.
  • Say no to plastic, carry reusable cloth bags when you go shopping.
  • Reuse boxes and other packaging material, if possible.
  • Choose durable and reusable goods over disposable ones.
  • Purchase rechargeable batteries and rewriteable CDs or DVDs. 
  • Think of creative ways to repurpose existing goods and products for a different use, especially when it comes to your kitchen utility items or home décor.

Recycle: While you cannot always reduce usage or reuse products, very often, you can recycle.

  • Buy recycled products and try to pick the ones that are not over-packaged or have recyclable packaging.
  • Separate your garbage, recycle all products that have the ‘recycle’ symbol on them. Almost everything from egg cartons and milk cartons, to cereal boxes and old newspapers should find their way to your recycle bin. 
  • Know the types of glass, plastic, metal and other items that you can recycle, even if you do not find the symbol on them.
  • At your workplace, recycle paper and other office items, including batteries, electronics, and ink and toner cartridges. 

While recycling office materials is an excellent way to reduce waste in landfills and conserve the environment, it should not come at the cost of information security or data breaches. For safe destruction of your paper and digital records, hire the services of the professionals at TITAN Mobile Shredding. Take advantage of our wide range of services, including on-site and off-site shredding for hard documents, as well as tapes, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs and other electronic media.

For systematic and secure disposal of physical and digital records, choose a trusted NAID AAA Certified company, such as TITAN Mobile Shredding. Discuss your requirements with our data destruction specialists at (866) 848-2699 or write to us online to request your free quote

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