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A Certificate of Destruction: What it Really Means

If your Doylestown business is contemplating seeking professional paper shredding, obtaining a Certificate of Destruction is a great step towards compliance. If you’re currently shredding in-house through the use of an office shredder, this is better than failing to shred entirely, but it does lack some important security factors that could put your business at risk. Outsourcing your document destruction needs guarantees that the process is carried out diligently and in accordance with strict privacy laws. Your employees are not trained behind the importance of information security, and for the sake of your business, they should direct their efforts and time towards job duties they were hired to perform.
certificate of destruction
If you’ve completed some research on outsourcing your document shredding needs, chances are you’ve likely come across the term COD or Certificate of Destruction; are you aware of its significance, however, and why it’s important to your security and liability?
Identity theft continues to take place, which means it’s more imperative than ever to have a regular, document shredding program in place to maintain security at all times. In doing so, you’re taking precautionary measures in protecting information pertaining to your employees and customers; an obligation that you legally have as a business owner.
Are you hesitant towards the idea of handing over sensitive information? It can be frightening to provide access to your sensitive information, especially when it’s a business you’ve never worked with before. We understand these concerns, and we are here to remind you that our procedures reflect the highest of safety and security standards among the industry.  An experienced and trustworthy business like the one we have here at Titan Shredding always supplies our customers with documentation clearing outlining what and when the destruction of documents occurred. Our shred process follows a strict chain of custody from beginning to end, ensuring documents never leave our sight; 100% secure through until destruction.
This Certificate of Destruction (COD) that is given following shredding, will give your business peace of mind in knowing that we have taken all necessary security precautions during the entire paper shredding process to safeguard all information in relation to your company. Unfortunately, some shredding companies will claim they follow industry standards with their shredding solutions, but without the ability to offer proper certification, this claim may be false. To avoid this, always confirm that a document destruction company has the qualifications and certifications it’s claiming to have.
A Certificate of Destruction Offers the Following:

  • Confirms your documents have been thoroughly shred with a complete audit trail
  • Concise statement of governing terms and conditions
  • Unique serial number
  • Date and location of destruction
  • Witness of the destruction process (whether it is a representative of the shredding company or a business employee of yours)

Remember that regardless of whom you decide to hire to handle your paper shredding needs, it is critical you choose a company that presents you with a Certificate of Destruction, following completion.  Keep this document for your records, as it provides reference and liability should you be audited or questioned about your document security.
At Titan Mobile Shredding, we take the protection of our clients very seriously, and we place your safety above all else. Get in touch with our experts today for additional information on our secure paper shredding services, or for more details surrounding our Certificate of Destruction.
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