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Destroying Sensitive Information is Critical for your Business

For every business, certain items are proprietary in nature. They include not just the products that you manufacture, sell, or distribute, but also a number of other items, such as staff IDs, uniforms or branded workwear, marketing materials, packaging and labels, company stationery and more. Since these items contain branded, trademarked, or patented information, their misuse could lead to a number of legal, financial, or reputational issues that could potentially ruin your business. It is essential, therefore, to ensure that such products do not end up in the landfill or in the hands of criminals, even when they are obsolete, damaged, or redundant.

The product destruction specialists at TITAN Mobile Shredding explain why secure destruction of products that contain sensitive information is critical for protecting your brand and business

Top Advantages of Hiring a Secure Product Destruction Service

As a business owner or key decision maker, you are responsible for safeguarding your company’s confidential or sensitive information and preventing any misuse or misrepresentation of your brand. Any negligence or failure on this aspect could lead to a number of challenging situations. For example:

  • If discarded products end up in the landfill, dumpster divers could access these items and sell them on the grey market for unlawful gains.
  • If disgruntled ex-employees or fraudsters manage to lay their hands on your branded workwear, they could misrepresent your brand, get illegal entry to protected premises, or conduct other criminal activities.
  • If your labels, stationery or marketing materials land in the hands of imposters, they could recreate counterfeit items and take your customers for a ride. 

Creating an efficient product destruction plan and hiring the services of a professional product destruction company has numerous benefits:

  1. Protect your Brand and Reputation: Save your business from expensive lawsuits and hefty regulatory fines for non-compliance with the applicable laws.
  2. Free up Precious Real Estate: Instead of packing your warehouses with old, defective, or obsolete products, you can keep your storage units clutter-free and use them for items that are current and relevant to your business.
  3. Get Proof of Destruction: Professional product destruction providers will not only ensure secure and permanent disposal of your redundant items, but also provide a Certificate of Destruction which serves as proof for any future legal queries or audits.
  4. Industry-Specific Solutions: Product destruction specialists stay abreast of product disposal laws or guidelines applicable to every industry. When you rely on the professionals, you do not have to worry about the compliance aspects of product disposal.
  5. Save Cost: From rebranding and regulatory changes, to obsolescence, defects, or manufacturing overruns, there may be various reasons that you need to safely destroy your products. Some professional product destruction facilities can handle items of varying dimensions, materials, and complexities. Partnering with this type of company will save you time and money, and help you avoid dependencies on multiple service providers. 

Professional and Secure Product Shredding Services by TITAN Mobile Shredding 

At TITAN Mobile Shredding, we specialize in the destruction of a wide range of products, including old, defective, obsolete, overstock, or warranty return items. From clothes, shoes and plastic medicine bottles, to electronic equipment, product samples and marketing materials, our certified product destruction services can help you get rid of a variety of items you no longer need. Our state-of-the-art product shredding facility can irreversibly shred items that are up to 3” thick and 12” wide. 

As a NAID AAA Certified company, our Certified Secure Destruction Specialists (CSDS) follow the highest standards of safe destruction. We design industry-specific solutions that best meet your requirements and budget and help you remain compliant with all applicable laws and industry norms. 

Partner with TITAN Mobile Shredding and take advantage of our knowledgeable professionals for safe and permanent destruction of your redundant items. Call (866) 848-2699 or contact us online to request a free quote for your requirements.

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