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Developing Policies around Data Protection

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Federal and state governments have enacted a number of privacy laws to protect consumers, and one or another of these data protection laws applies to any organization that has employees or customers – which is almost every organization. You’ll find a list of key regulations on our website.

While these regulations have some differences, they share several common factors. They make it illegal to allow unauthorized access to sensitive information; many require organizations to train their employees on data protection, including destruction; and they require documentation and proof of compliance.

Digital Security

There are two aspects to digital data security: cybersecurity and security of data stored on hardware. Every organization should have a robust cybersecurity plan that includes firewalls and security software, strong passwords and password protection, third-party controls, and a thorough training program for employees to know how to avoid unintentionally opening themselves up to cyberattacks or fraud.

An often-forgotten aspect of data security includes protecting the data on the hardware itself from a breach. People mistakenly think they can just “wipe” their old hard drives or USB drives before disposing of them. However, experts with criminal intent can almost always still access the information. Therefore, all hardware such as hard drives, USB drives, CDs, DVDs, x-rays, or other items that contain important information on your clients, patients, employees, or your own company must be thoroughly destroyed.

TITAN Mobile Shredding was the first company in the world to offer both document shredding and product shredding. Our specially designed object shredders will completely destroy the items containing personal or proprietary information. We will also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

Document Security

Organizations recognize the importance of destroying obvious information such as social security numbers, financial data, and medical records. But regulations often require more thorough document destruction. We offer a list of suggested items for destruction to help you develop your own document shredding guidelines.

Office shredding machines do not shred as thoroughly as our professional machines do, and the shredded material still ends up in recycling bins. We bale all shredded material in our secure facility, then transport it directly to a paper recycling mill that uses hydro pulping to remove the ink before it is turned into new paper. This provides you with the highest level of confidence that your information has been thoroughly destroyed. Our Certificate of Destruction satisfies all regulations and holds up to audits.

Remote Employees

The same cybersecurity plan that is applied at work should also be required of your remote employees. Likewise, they should follow the same company rules for document handling and destruction. To fulfill the training requirements of the various regulations, TITAN offers our own NAID-based training program.

TITAN’s Employee Training Program ensures that both your in-office and remote staff are protecting critical information. It demonstrates to authorities that you’ve done your due diligence to protect confidential data, provides a template for your own Information Destruction Manual to help you build your document security system, protects your company and your employees from accidental data breaches, and builds client confidence.

TITAN Sits at the Center of Your Data Protection Plan

By providing you with a secure and convenient method of destroying both documents and hardware containing employee or customer data, by training your employees and offering templates to help you develop your security plan, and by providing you with a Certificate of Destruction that can hold up to any audit, TITAN is your best partner in safeguarding your data. Contact us today at (866)848-2699 to see how we can help you. TITAN Mobile Shredding, servicing Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is NAID AAA Certified and surpasses all requirements of federal and state regulations.

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We are NAID AAA Certified Since 2007​

This certification is recognized by regulatory organizations as the premier standard for integrity, security and compliance.

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