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Document Destruction: Learn What to Shred 

How a Professional Shredding Company Can Help

As operations increasingly shift to a more digital platform, the safe and secure disposal of paper documents should not be ignored. Physical documents that are discarded in the trash may contain confidential information and must be shredded to prevent crimes such as identity theft. Additionally, if you are a business owner, you must take steps to protect the identities of your employees and clients through complete document destruction. If you want to save time, money, and ensure security, work with a NAID AAA Certified paper shredding company that can offer these benefits, and more.

Documents You Should Consider Shredding

It is legal for a stranger, even one with bad intent, to dig through your trash once it is removed from your property. Prevent identity theft by ensuring the following documents have been shredded prior to disposal:

  • Bank Statements – Documents regarding your personal details and banking information should be destroyed after one year. Additionally, bills, tax receipts, pay stubs, and credit cards should be destroyed by a professional paper shredding service to prevent criminal access and identity fraud.
  • Medical Records – Shred all your old medical records, including those related to your pets. According to a survey on Google Apps, a pet’s name is the most common password choice. Medical papers will display the name of your pet and it is likely that hackers will use this information to try and unlock your digital passwords. Additionally, shred all prescription labels whether they are found on the bottle or Rx bag it came in. Criminals may use the information on these labels to refill prescriptions or steal your identity.
  • Government Documents – Consider shredding old passports and photo ID’s. Once you have acquired new copies of these documents, it is safe to shred your expired pieces of identification. While your old identification may no longer be valid, they still contain confidential information that can be used in cases of identity theft.
  • Resumes – Before submitting a resume, chances are that you will write multiple drafts. Do not discard these drafts before shredding them. Resumes contain information regarding your name, home address, phone number, email address, and a full outline of your education and employment history on a single, convenient sheet of paper.

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