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Why Hard Drive Destruction is Important

Tips on How to Destroy and Dispose of Hard Drives

If you have recently replaced your home or office computer, you may be wondering, what is the safest way to get rid of your old system? Even if your computer winds up in a landfill, the system’s hard drive will still contain your personal information. Unfortunately, failure to wipe sensitive data from your hard drive can cause it to fall into the wrong hands. This may result in a case of identity theft and lead to a number of other security issues. Luckily, there are many safe and reliable ways to recycle or destroy your computer and hard drive. Work with us and witness the destruction of your hard drives either on-site or at our facility with our safe and secure destruction process.

3 Tips to Consider before Destroying Hard Drives  

If you are careless when it comes to the disposal of your computer equipment, you may increase your exposure to serious security threats. Here are a few tips to consider for proper hard drive destruction and disposal:

  • Consider the Environment: Hard drives contain hazardous materials. If they are disposed of incorrectly, the exposure of these materials may be harmful to your health and the environment. Consider working with a certified company to help you destroy your hard drives in a safe and secure facility according to EPA regulations.
  • Delete the Data: Wipe away any personal data from your hard drives before having them professionally destroyed. This will help further protect your personal information during the transition process, should any incident occur. However, certified shredding technicians will meet all the requirements for complete data destruction and more.
  • Find a Qualified Company: A legitimate shredding company should be able to provide you with a Certificate of Destruction after destroying your hard drives. The certificate is proof that your hard drives have been disposed of in the correct manner and will also provide information on where the process took place, the reasons for destruction, and who handled the destruction process. Additionally, ensure that the company handling your personal documents is NAID AAA certified.

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