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Hiring a Product Destruction Service

Tips from Your Trusted Paper Shredding Company

No matter what type of goods you produce or market, today’s competitive landscape demands quality checks that are more stringent than ever before. With highly empowered consumers and powerful social media platforms that reach public opinion across the globe within seconds, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Simply put, even the slightest fault or deviation in manufacturing standards or marketing activities may render an entire batch of your goods or merchandise completely redundant. 

It may not be possible to dispose of the products in a safe and environment-friendly manner in an in-house facility. Hence, if your business faces a situation that warrants product destruction, it is best to look for a professional shredding company that offers product destruction services. 

Read on for some insights and to learn how to bring on board a reliable, efficient service provider for your shredding needs.

Product Destruction is a Specialized Service: Make Sure You Partner with the Best

In addition to self-initiated or legal action driven product recalls, there are various other reasons that could leave you with warehouses full of goods that are no longer saleable. 

  • Financial Constraints: Your company does not have the budget or the ability to move or market the goods. 
  • Brand Renaissance: You are revamping your organization’s corporate identity and need to get rid of old packaging, labels and other materials.
  • Regulator Changes: Updates in the industry’s mandated manufacturing standards have made your unsold goods redundant. 
  • Obsolescence: The products were for temporary promotional activities, or have manufacturing defects, or have expired before making it to the shelves.
  • Confidentiality Related: Your product prototypes need to be discreetly disposed in order to prevent trademark or copyright infringement issues.

Referrals and reviews are the first step while partnering with a suitable product destruction company. However, in addition to competence and service quality, here are some more aspects to consider: 

  • Proof of Destruction:  For a sensitive task, such as product destruction, a valid and legally acceptable ‘proof of destruction’ will be highly useful in case of potential lawsuits or future audit queries.
  • Secure Facilities: Destroying your products is about ensuring that no one can lay hands on them. After all, you don’t want your flawed products floating in the grey market, or your trademarked product being illegally replicated. Look for providers that have high-end surveillance facilities, and allow you to watch the entire process via secure CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • Industry Specialization: While getting rid of your redundant products comes at a cost, you want to remain compliant with all applicable laws and guidelines, and avoid potential fines or lawsuits. Select a partner who is well-versed in industry-specific mandates, as required under FACTA, HIPPA, GLB or other relevant acts. 
  • Versatility: When it comes to getting rid of obsolete products, select a destruction facility that is capable of managing a range of dimensions and materials. Going to multiple service providers will be expensive, tedious and time consuming. 

At TITAN Mobile Shredding, we specialize in destroying old, overstock, defective, obsolete, or warranty return items that are up to 3” thick and 12” wide. As a trusted, NAID AAA Certified Company, we adhere to the highest standards of compliance, integrity and security for destruction of products, as well as paper-based records and electronic items. Moreover, we issue certificates of destruction to validate that we have destroyed your products in accordance with environment safety guidelines and industry-specific mandates. 

Take advantage of our knowledgeable professionals, highly-secure facilities and comprehensive document and product destruction solutions today. Call (866) 848-2699 or contact us online.

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