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Information Security in the Era of Equifax Breach

Tips From Your Professional Paper Shredding Company

Confronting information security threats is like a daily uphill battle being fought by individuals and businesses across the globe. It is now a year since Equifax reported an application vulnerability that led to a massive data breach, affecting the privacy of over 149 million consumers. That is approximately 45% of the total population! The hackers managed to access sensitive information such as full names, birth dates, addresses, Social Security Numbers and in some cases, driving license numbers. They also managed to steal credit card details of approximately 209,000 consumers. 
While these numbers are nowhere close to other large breaches, such as those reported by Yahoo or Adult Friend Finder, the Equifax issue is certainly one of the deadliest, in terms of the kind of information that has been compromised. Since they are one of the largest credit reporting bureaus in the US, their databases include some personally identifiable information (PII) of nearly every American adult who has applied for a loan, a job, a tenancy or an insurance policy. 
So what is it that you can do to protect your company from the various information security threats? In addition to setting up and maintaining robust cybersecurity measures, there are several other precautions that you can take to prevent your company from falling prey to hacks and thefts. 
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Top 3 Tips to Protect Your Business from Hacks, Thefts and Data Breaches

  1. Train Your Employees: Although companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the latest and most sophisticated tools and technology, ultimately, it may be one employee’s negligence or error that weakens your barriers and makes your business a victim of a data breach or theft. 
  • Create formal policies and procedures to familiarize employees with potential threats.
  • Train them to recognize and proactively tackle issues such as phishing or tailgating. 
  • Ensure that all staff members follow best practices, such as maintaining a clean desk, logging off their devices, encrypting digital files and folders, and safe storage of physical documents. 
  1. Protect Your Information 
  • Invest in safe, access-controlled locations and devices for safeguarding your physical and digital information. 
  • Subscribe to credit reports through the major credit bureaus, so that you get instant alerts or notification for any suspicious activity concerning your business finances. (Yes, this may be a useful step, even though an agency such as Equifax was compromised.)
  • Conduct proper due diligence on all third-party contractors, such as your IT vendors, document management service providers, shredding service agencies and others.
  1. Dispose of Redundant Hardware: Safe disposal of unused or redundant electronic devices is a critical step that most of us often overlook. It is not sufficient to simply delete your files and folders or format your hard drives; any ordinary cybercriminal will be able to retrieve such deleted information. To safely dispose of your computers, laptops, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives and hard drives, hire the services of a professional. 

At TITAN Mobile Shredding, we have a deep understanding of potential issues that can threaten the information security of any business. Moreover, our certified data destruction specialists have extensive knowledge of industry-specific document retention and disposal requirements. We offer simple, safe and systematic removal of all your unwanted physical and digital documents through our on-site shredding and mobile hard drive destruction services. Our mobile trucks feature specialized shredding equipment, as well as video surveillance, that allows you to oversee the destruction process, from the convenience of your premises. Our crew meticulously tags and scans the serial numbers of every device and issues a detailed report and Certificate of Destruction for your records.
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