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Magnets are an Ineffective Solution for Destroying Your Hard Drive

The Right Way to Safely and Effectively Destroy Your Hard Drive

While a magnet may certainly damage your hard drive, don’t count on it to destroy your data completely. Despite what pop culture has taught you, wiping information is more complex than waving a magnet around your electronic gadgets. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to guarantee that your data will not be recovered, should it fall into the wrong hands. If you choose to destroy your hard drive on your own, there may be no real way to confirm if your data is completely gone. There is still a good chance that some of your sensitive information can be easily accessed. For peace of mind, work with a professional shredding service that can provide safe and reliable hard drive destruction services.

Effective Methods for Destroying Your Hard Drive 

Put the refrigerator magnets down. Contrary to popular belief, it would take an industrial strength magnet to corrupt your hard drive. Luckily, there are far easier and more reliable ways to destroy the unwanted contents of your electronic devices. Here are a few steps you can take to properly dispose of your old hard drive:

  • Delete Your Data: Before performing any physical damage to your hard drive, make sure you have deleted all of your data. Whether you use Windows or Mac, there are several data-erasing tools you can take advantage of to effectively wipe your old information. If there are pieces of information you want to keep, backup any data using an external hard drive.
  • Use Brute Force: Magnets may not be very effective at destroying your hard drive but there are other tools you can use around your home. The key to making a hard drive unreadable is to ensure the platter cannot spin. Whether you drill holes, use a hammer, or even use acid, make sure you cause enough damage to prevent the platter from spinning.
  • Contact a Professional Shredding Service: If you are looking for a less aggressive way to destroy your hard drive, work with a professional shredding service. A NAID AAA certified shredding company can save you energy, time, and money, so you can focus on what is important at home or at your workplace. Witness the entire process either on-site or at our secure facility, so you can be certain your information is safely destroyed.

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