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Myths about Paper Shredding

Did you know that in the United States, it is not illegal for people to search through your trash? Therefore, criminals can and are very likely to search through your garbage for any personal information that they can use. Paper shredding done regularly and professionally, is therefore, a necessary part of organizational administration and security.
There are many myths circulating about paper shredding, and many of them are surprisingly believable unless you know the facts.
Here are some common myths regarding paper shredding: 
No one searches your trash – This is perhaps the most common myth about paper shredding. You might be surprised to know that there are many people who will regularly search through a company’s trash. According to the Supreme Court, your trash is considered public property once it is in the dumpster. If anyone is looking to publicly damage your company by using private information, they will usually start with the dumpsters because that is often the easiest access point.
Office shredders are cheaper – Most organizations assume that buying a shredder is cheaper than hiring a paper shredding company. However, that is simply not the case. Shredders break, and they require maintenance as well. In addition to purchasing the shredder, you have to pay employees to shred paper on a regular basis. Depending on the amount of papers being shred, this can be very time consuming. Most office shredders can only handle smaller volumes of pieces of paper at a time. It can take hours to shred a few boxes of paper, whereas a professional company such as TITAN Mobile Shredding can do the job in minutes, saving you money and time.
The law requires you to shred your own papers – The law requires your business to properly destroy personal information, but no law states that employees of your company have to witness or perform the process. The shredding can legally be done through a reputable and NAID AAA Certified company such as TITAN Mobile Shredding. However, if you did want to witness the process, TITAN shredding trucks are equipped with a security monitor so you can watch the destruction process.
Shredded paper cannot be recycled – Just because certain trash companies do not want shredded papers in the recycling bin does not mean shredded paper cannot be recycled! At TITAN Mobile Shredding, 100% of the shredded paper is taken to recycling plants and is properly recycled to help save trees and water.
Office shredders are safe – Shredders can be very dangerous, especially when the person using them is not paying attention. They come with warning signs for a reason. It is dangerous to use office shredders while wearing a tie, or even with long hair. If the employee handling the shredding is inattentive, or leaves the shredder to attend to other tasks, the documents waiting to be shredded can fall into the wrong hands.
Keep in mind the above myths and make the right decision so your organization does not face any unnecessary consequences of information and identity theft caused by inappropriate document destruction.
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