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Why Your Old Multimedia Devices Must Be Properly Destroyed

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Communicating has never been easier, thanks to the invention of digital devices. However, devices such as your computer and mobile phone also contain countless pieces of personal information that you may not want others to have access to. When it’s time to get rid of these gadgets, simply deleting your data may leave you vulnerable to identity fraud and other security issues. Instead, your digital devices along with any removable memory must be completely destroyed through a professional shredding process. Trust our fully-trained, certified, bonded, and insured employees to help you with all your multimedia destruction needs.

5 Unusable Digital Devices That Require Professional Destruction 

If you currently have old, unused devices lying around, consider destroying them immediately. Avoid putting your corporate and personal information at risk by working with a professional paper shredding company. Here are 5 examples of digital devices that you must dispose of the right way:

  1. Mobile Devices: Accessing your network of contacts is simple using a mobile device. Since they can be used from virtually anywhere, cell phones allow for increased flexibility and ultimately, greater productivity. However, once you no longer need this device, the data stored on your phone will remain there unless properly destroyed through a shredding process. 
  2. Computers: Prevent information from being collected through old computing devices by destroying your computer before disposing of it. If you are replacing your old computer with a new one, make sure to back up any data you may need later on. Magnetically clean your disk or use software to erase the information before destroying the entire system.  
  3. Hard Drives: Your data can still be retrieved, even if your computer is destroyed. Go the extra step and shred your old hard drives to ensure they are unreadable. After all, confidential information stored on these devices can put the reputation of your company at risk and result in significant financial losses. Therefore, physical destruction is the best way to eliminate the chances of your data  being leaked. 
  4. Fax Machines: When it comes to vulnerable devices, a fax machine may not be the first thing that comes to mind. As they sit out in the open, fax machines are not only exposed to regular employees but also to individuals with malicious intent. Since one machine is generally used by several employees or even the entire office, this creates a greater risk for misplaced documents and compromised data. These devices also contain a hard drive full of information that must be destroyed. 
  5. Routers: Both wired and wireless routers are potential gateways into your company’s personal files. When active, use a password to encrypt the connection and prevent others from accessing your router. Furthermore, turn off the broadcasting setting to block the name of your network. Before disposal, destroy your router to eliminate your digital tracks and prevent your information from being stolen.

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