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How Paper Shredding Will Benefit Your Business

document shreddingDid you know that over 8 million Americans every year are the victims of identity theft?  The Bureau of Justice statistics state that this is largely due to identity thieves finding personal information on discarded paper. Identity theft costs U.S. businesses and consumers over 40 billion dollars a year! Anyone can be victimized, and it is important to do everything possible to prevent identity theft from happening in the first place.
Paper shredding is an absolutely crucial part of running a business. It is not an option, but an essential practice. Document shredding is a must for protecting sensitive business information, client records with bank card information, and also employee files.
Privacy protection is extremely important to clients, and they trust you with their information. Paper shredding does not just benefit your business by strengthening your clients’ trust in you; it has additional benefits too.
Consider these advantages of how paper shredding will benefit your business: 
Productivity – Getting your documents shredded professionally will boost productivity in your workplace. Office shredders tend to reduce productivity. Whether it is removing staples, or disposing the shredded paper, the task is time consuming. You end up paying your employees to feed a shredder instead of spending that time generating revenue for your business. With TITAN Mobile Shredding, we do all the work for you.
Save Money – Professional paper shredding saves money. You no longer have to purchase shredders, replace them, pay to fix them when they break, buy disposal bags, or pay for their utility expenses. TITAN Mobile Shredding Services will help your business save money, and you will not have to deal with a broken in-house shredder again.
Boost Security & Enhance Reputation – Clients will not release personal information to businesses that they do not trust. When you use a third party secure shredding company such as TITAN that is NAID AAA Certified, you are using the approved method of document destruction. It complies with and exceeds all the Laws and Regulations regarding secure information destruction and protection. In addition to feeling confident knowing that you are compliant, you will also receive a Certificate of Destruction issued by a NAID Certified document destruction company. Clients and patients will have no fear of identity theft because they will know that their private information was securely destroyed.
Protect the environment – When our team is finished with shredding your discarded paper, 100% of the shredded waste is recycled into new paper. This helps to save trees, water, electricity, and keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills.
Paper shredding will benefit your business more than you can imagine. Your employees will be more productive, your business will save money, your clients will trust you because of your strong reputation and compliance with security guidelines and you will help the environment as well, lowering your carbon footprint.
TITAN Mobile Shredding can get the job done efficiently and effectively. Call us at (866) 848-2699 today or get a free quote online for your paper shredding requirements.

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This certification is recognized by regulatory organizations as the premier standard for integrity, security and compliance.

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