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How to Permanently Destroy a Hard Drive

The Right Way to Securely Prepare Your Computer for Disposal 

Permanently destroying digital data requires more than taking a hammer to your hard drive. Moreover, deleting old files or reformatting your computer disk may seem like effective solutions, but these methods are simply not effective enough against all of the data recovery programs that are available today. In reality, there are several steps you must take in order to properly destroy your hard drive. From understanding where to save your data to downloading the right disk wiping software, it can be overwhelming to ensure that your sensitive information is completely and safely destroyed. Fortunately, you have the option to outsource the disposal of your hard drive. Whether you need to destroy one computer or hundreds, working with a professional shredding service offers your business a simple, secure, and effective hard drive destruction process.

Actions to Take Before Destroying Your Hard Drive 

While beneficial in most cases, there is also a darker side to modern technology. Today, criminals can easily recover and take advantage of your personal data and the only way to be certain your disk is unreadable is by disabling the magnetic platter inside. A shredding services provider can properly dispose of your disk but here are a few actions you can perform on your own to help secure your data:

  • Clear Your Cache: If you have ever performed an online transaction at your place of business, chances are the credit card number may have been saved by your browser in a cached file. Modern browsers use caching to speed up your experience but by doing so, put your personal information at risk. Regularly clearing your cache can help minimize identity theft but the data may remain somewhere on your hard drive.
  • Clear Program Registration Keys: When you purchase software online, you will typically receive a license key or registration number that is used to activate the program. If these files are left on your old system, a cyber criminal can retrieve this information and spread it over the internet. When the software becomes widely available, it renders invalid and you will lose access to the program on your new system, even though you have paid for it.
  • Contact a Professional Shredding Service: Only trust the disposal of your data with a NAID AAA certified shredding company that specializes in hard drive destruction. Witness the entire process for peace of mind, either on-site or at a secure facility. Taking advantage of a professional service guarantees that your hard drives are correctly destroyed and recycled in accordance with EPA regulations.

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