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Your business documents are flooded with sensitive information so, therefore, they need to be protected when disposed of; professional document destruction is one simple method that guarantees your privacy and security.  What about other items, such as non-paper materials that you no longer need?
Keep your brand protected by remembering to implement proper product destruction. When you partner with TITAN Mobile Shredding, your business will benefit from not only document shredding services, but professional product destruction solutions as well. Our environmentally-friendly product destruction process ensures your Doylestown company stays in compliance with government regulatory requirements, as well as meeting your own standards for inventory disposal. If you have an old product that needs proper disposal, TITAN will destroy it so that there’s absolutely no chance of recovery.
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TITAN offers product destruction services that place the security of your Doylestown company at the forefront of our priorities. We understand that secure destruction of old or unwanted inventory is critical to your company’s reputation and product integrity. Whether it’s old stock, outdated promotional items, or recalled material, our Product Destruction solutions will cover it all, securely and effectively.

Titan Shredding will destroy the below products for your Doylestown organization:

·         Prescription bottles
·         Apparel and footwear
·         Recalled products
·         Discontinued products
·         Obsolete material
·         Off-spec items
·         Medical devices
·         Promotional material
·         Prototypes
·         Outdated packaging
·         Manufacturing overruns
·         Security items
·         Counterfeit material

TITAN is equipped with a plant based shredder that can accept items up to 3” thick and 12” wide, designed to handle various materials including media, over-sized items, and even rigid metals. Just like with our document shredding process, your Doylestown company is welcome to witness material being destroyed first-hand in person; on the other hand, we will happily provide you with a picture of the process if at all interested.
If your business is relocating in the near future or is simply looking to reorganize and de-clutter your Doylestown office, you may benefit from our product destruction solutions. Our approach is easy, quick, and most of all, safe.  We can either collect your products or you stop by our facility in person to drop them off. As always, our customers are encouraged to tour our facility at any time to view the resources and equipment we have at hand, and to learn more about shredding process.
Protecting your brand is important and our team wants to ensure that defected product or counterfeit goods do not damage your reputation due to improper disposal. Save your business the risk and hassle, and outsource your product destruction needs to TITAN Mobile Shredding.
Call 866-848-2699 for further details surrounding our product destruction services.

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