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Why Professional Document Shredding is Essential to Safeguard Client Records

How a Paper Shredding Service Can Help

Regardless of industry, data protection should be a top priority for any organization. In order to prevent identity theft and protect the privacy of your clients and employees, making sure that you have a reliable data security program is extremely important. However, there are certain industries that benefit greatly from proper disposal and destruction services provided by a professional paper shredding company. When you work with us, take comfort in knowing that your sensitive information is destroyed according to your schedule, budget, and industry laws and standards.

5 Industries That Require Professional Shredding Solutions 

While practical in theory, in-house paper shredders make it challenging for your organization to remain in compliance with privacy regulations. Here are 5 industries that require a professional document shredding solution:

  1. Legal: One of the most vulnerable places for information to be compromised is in a law office. This workplace is typically filled with highly sensitive legal documents and information. If these materials are not properly destroyed through a paper shredding company, extensive fines and other penalties may be imposed on your law firm.
  2. Medical: As the cases of medical identity theft continue to rise, it is imperative for healthcare providers to follow the proper document destruction guidelines. By failing to dispose of your confidential materials in the correct manner, victims run the risk of paying out-of-pocket to correct their medical identities. Health care organizations are required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), which outlines how to protect patient medical records with regards to storage and access.
  3. Finance: When it comes to shredding and destroying records, financial institutions are expected to follow strict rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to safeguard client records and information or face the consequences for violating these guidelines. On-site shredding is performed to help you protect the identity of your customers, employees, and establishment. We can help keep you in compliance, prevent security threats, and reduce labour and disposal costs. 
  4. Government: Every government department requires the services of a professional shredding company to prevent the exposure of sensitive information. Public sector organizations must ensure that there are document shredding solutions in place to protect individuals in the community from the risks of identity theft. 
  5. Education: Student records contain highly sensitive information. If schools and educational institutions do not rely on a professional document shredding solution, these documents are at risk for exposure should a security breach take place. Under the Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), educational institutions are required to protect the privacy of their students and faculty at all costs.

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