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Protect Your Businesses with a ‘Shred-All’ Policy

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In an age where data breaches, hacks and identity thefts make headlines every other day, it is not uncommon for business owners and decision makers to spend sleepless nights over information security. In addition to taking necessary precautions to protect your digital information, it is also critical to protect paper or documents containing sensitive information pertaining to your business or customers. Implementing a ‘shred-it-all’ policy is one of the most prudent ways to ensure that any confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands. Here’s a quick look at the advantages of implementing such a policy.

Top 5 Benefits of a Shred-All Policy

  1. Stronger Information Security: The latest edition of Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) indicates that 25% of data breaches are perpetrated by insiders in your business, either deliberately for financial gains and espionage, or due to simple human errors. A Shred-All Policy will ensure that all business related documents are fully and securely destroyed on a continuous basis, thereby strengthening your overall information security capabilities.
  2. Simplified Document Disposal: This policy is easy to explain and implement. Your employees do not have to face the difficult task of classifying sensitive documents, or deciding what to retain or destroy.  No matter what kind of information is contained in a hard document, once it has served its purpose in the context of the business or compliance laws, it will find its way to the shredding pile. 
  3. Enhanced Legislative Compliance: With a Shred-All policy, you no longer have to worry about creating individual policies for every industry, state and federal law or regulation. Since all redundant documents are necessarily destroyed, your legislative compliance is significantly simplified.
  4. Security Conscious Work Culture: By implementing this policy, you are signaling to your staff and key stakeholders that you are serious about protecting all confidential and sensitive information pertaining to your business and customers. In fact, this policy will encourage security consciousness in your employees and become a good habit they will benefit from even at a personal level.  
  5. Environmental Friendliness: In the absence of a full shredding policy, some of your hard documents may end up in the trash, and eventually in landfills. On the other hand, shredded paper is recycled for other usable products. With a Shred-All policy, you will be fulfilling the duties of a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to an environment-friendly cause. 

Implementing an Effective Shred-All Policy

To ensure that your Shred-All policy works successfully, place shredding bins at convenient locations throughout your workspace, and train your employees to destroy all hard documents that are redundant to the business or compliance laws.  
To simplify implementation of this policy and allow your employees to focus on their core jobs, rely on a trusted company such as TITAN Mobile Shredding for the safe and systematic disposal of all your unwanted documents. We offer a host of on-site and off-site services for secure disposal of hard documents as well as media such as tapes, DVDs, CDs and thumb drives.
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