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Say Goodbye to a Cluttered Workplace

Hard Drive and Document Destruction Equals More Work Space

From hassle-free organization and better space utilization, to stronger information security and reduced data breaches, decluttering has many benefits. Whether it is Marie Kondo’s KonMari method of tidying up, or the Four Box method of ‘put away’, ‘give away’, ‘throw away’ and ‘undecided’, there are many popular techniques to do away with things that you do not use or need, in your home or office. 

Decluttering your workplace is all about “A place for everything and everything in its place”. Essentially, it is about giving everything in your workplace a home. From stationery holders and drawer dividers, to files, bins and cabinets, every item that offers proper storage or safekeeping, contributes to freeing up precious work space. Similarly, shredding unwanted physical and digital records is an excellent way to bid goodbye to clutter. In fact, paper or hard drive destruction is a mandatory requirement for many businesses and industries where state or federal privacy laws are applicable.

The data destruction specialists at TITAN Mobile Shredding explain how hard drive and document destruction is advantageous for your business.

Top 4 Benefits of Hard Drive and Document Destruction 

Retrieval of Precious Real Estate:  Digital storage space and physical real estate are both precious for any business. By shredding paper records and hard drives, you will be freeing up considerable square footage taking up room for storing files and old electronic devices. Whether it is a single cabinet, a full storage room, or an entire warehouse, imagine the possibilities of expanding or enhancing your facilities by safely disposing of unwanted records.

Better Organization and Regulatory Compliance: While shredding physical or digital information, you cannot simply get rid of a pile of papers, drives or other data devices. To ensure that you destroy only irrelevant information, you must: 

  • Take stock of the records and set aside those that you need to retain for business reasons or compliance with privacy laws and statutes.
  • Order and label the files and create a formal record retention and destruction schedule.
  • Digitize records that do not need physical copies, by using alternate storage, such as cloud.
  • Add physical barriers and stronger passwords to strengthen your secure storage practices.

Time, Productivity and Emotional Wellbeing: There is substantial research on the amount of time an average worker spends in looking for lost or misplaced items at the workplace. Moreover, there are several studies that prove the negative influence of clutter on an individual’s attention span, eating habits, stress levels, and more. In addition to introducing a formal ‘clean desk’ policy, you can declutter your workspace and improve the productivity and morale of your staff through:

  • Systematic organization of physical and digital business information 
  • Secure storage of required records
  • Safe destruction of irrelevant documents and hard drives 

Better Information Security: Safe disposal of paper and digital records will reduce the risk of digital data breaches, as well as physical theft in the storage areas or warehouses. Committing to an ongoing paper and hard drive destruction program is an important step towards strengthening your business’ information security. 

At TITAN Mobile Shredding, we offer a wide range of data destruction services, including routine on-site services, annual purging, hard drive destruction and media destruction.  As a professional, NAID AAA Certified company serving multi-industry clients, we are familiar with the secure storage and destruction norms applicable to different businesses and professionals. Our experienced data destruction specialists will not only help you free up valuable work space, but also ensure that you are compliant with the record management laws applicable to your establishment. 

For safe and reliable destruction of your physical and digital records, count on the experts at TITAN Mobile Shredding. Call us at (866) 848-2699 or contact us online to request your free quote.

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