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Discover what thousands of businesses and homeowners throughout Lehigh County have already experienced: the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having confidential documents protected by professional document shredding services. Since 2005, TITAN Mobile Shredding has been Allentown’s source for reliable, affordable paper shredding services.

Protect Your Privacy With Document Shredding

Paper shredding services like TITAN are about much more than just clearing out a cluttered back room. When a document contains personally identifiable information (PII) like a name or address, it holds the key to accessing private accounts or information in the hands of a skilled scam artist. Document shredding actively protects your privacy by eliminating the chance that the information could ever be recovered by someone else after it’s been discarded.

Throwing documents away in the open-air recycling bin or the public dump doesn’t provide any manner of protection for the information they contain, as once they’re out of your sight, they could be recovered by any passers-by. Failing to protect your own information puts you at risk of identity theft, but if the information belongs to your clients or your business, the consequences could include liability fines, a loss of reputation, and possible legal action.

Shredding Services Tailored to Your Home or Office

No two customers have precisely the same shredding needs, and that’s expected: every home and office is different, which is why TITAN has designed a variety of document destruction services to specifically address your shredding requirements. You’ll never have to pay for more than what you need, you won’t be locked into a long-term contract you don’t want, and you’ll receive the same exceptional service we’re known for, each and every time.

  • One-Time Shredding – When you only need a one-time shredding service to clear out an office or get rid of years of stockpiled documents, this is the answer for you. TITAN’s mobile shredding service will show up at the time and place you specify in Allentown, destroy your documents, and immediately take the shredded particles for recycling.
  • Scheduled Shredding – A busy office can produce hundreds of sheets of paper a week, which means that it’s easy for desks and file cabinets to become swamped with unnecessary copies and outdated files. Call TITAN and tell us how often you’d like for us to come by and safely shred any items with confidential or personal information. You’ll stay compliant with industry standards, and you’ll free up time for yourself and your employees.
  • Residential Shredding – Shredding services in Allentown aren’t just for businesses. If you have home documents or mail that you’d like to protect with professional paper shredding, we have a variety of options designed for your convenience.
  • Certified Product Destruction – It’s time to quit paying to store expired food and unneeded products. Give TITAN a call, and we’ll swing by to perform certified, environmentally-friendly product destruction. Prevent the misuse of discarded items and eliminate the risk of liability.
  • Hard Drive Destruction – Even if you drag your files to the desktop recycling bin, they’re not erased from your device. The only way to do that (and prevent them from being recovered by a hacker) is through secure hard drive destruction. TITAN’s process prevents the chance of theft by physically destroying the drive plate and recycling all leftover particles, keeping the electronic components out of your local landfill.

Allentown’s Ticket to Easy Compliance

No matter what industry your business operates within, TITAN’s document and product shredding services make it easy for you to achieve and maintain compliance with regulations like HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA. We’ve designed our shredding process to cater to the complete confidentiality and safety of your documents throughout every step of destruction. After you call to schedule your shredding service in Allentown, all you’ll have to do is gather the documents you want to be destroyed. TITAN will look after everything else, including the provision of a Certificate of Destruction to attest that your papers were destroyed by a professional paper shredding provider.

Get Shredding With TITAN

Are you ready to protect the information coming out of your business or home in Allentown? Document shredding services from TITAN put money back into your pocket that you can use on what really matters, instead of spending it trying to put together your own shredding system from scratch. 

We’ve already put in the hard work and the training time to offer you professional shredding services. In fact, we’re AAA Certified by the National Association of Document Destruction, which means our shredding process has met or exceeded the highest standards for proper paper protection.

If you’re ready to get shredding and make the change to TITAN today, give us a call at (866) 848-2699. You can also request a free quote online.

Our NAID AAA Certified Service in Allentown, PA Includes:

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Document Security Analysis provided at no charge.

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Locked collection containers are provided at no cost.

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Service Calendar provided – so you will always know when your next service is!

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Service frequency to meet your needs: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Bi-Monthly.

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We bring a shred truck directly to your office for secure on-site destruction.

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Our Data Destruction Specialists transport the containers or bags to the truck.

Other Shredding Services We Offer in Allentown, PA

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Certified Product Destruction

We address the secure product destruction needs of a wide, multi-industry client base.

Rows of boxes of shredding documents in an office

One-Time Shredding

We securely destroy your confidential information. This can be done once or annually.

Man booking residential shredding on laptop

Residential Shredding

We will assist you with securely destroying your unwanted confidential records.

Hard drives ready for destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

Our specialized equipment securely shreds your hard drives, either on-site or at our secure facility.

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We are NAID AAA Certified Since 2007​

This certification is recognized by regulatory organizations as the premier standard for integrity, security and compliance.

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