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Hard Drive Destruction

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Whether you're an individual with a single computer or a large organization with hundreds of machines, TITAN Mobile Shredding offers unrivaled hard drive destruction services. Our advanced equipment ensures your hard drives are completely shredded, providing top-tier security. You can choose to have this process performed at your premises in Lehigh Valley, PA, or at our specialized facility. For larger batches or specific compliance requirements, we bring our shredding technology to your location and eliminate the hard drives before your eyes.

Hard Drive Destruction Lehigh Valley, PA

If your presence during the destruction process isn't a necessity, we gather the hard drives, secure them in a locked container, and transport them safely to our facility for methodical destruction and responsible recycling. Each drive's barcode is scanned pre-destruction to provide you with a comprehensive Certificate of Destruction, listing the serial number of every destroyed hard drive. Post-destruction, the drives are disassembled into their component parts and recycled adhering to EPA standards.

Our destruction specialists use the AMS-750HD Shredder to securely destroy your hard drives. The AMS-750 HD was designed to physically destroy (shred) hard drives, tapes, CDs, DVDs and assorted e-waste. This process permanently destroys the digital data and guarantees that the drive will never operate again!

On-Site Hard Drive Destruction

  • Experience firsthand the entire process from initiation to completion for total peace of mind
  • Scanning of each hard drive’s serial numbers
  • Hard drives are shredded in our custom-built truck
  • Issuance of a Certificate of Destruction and a detailed report containing the serial numbers

Hard Drive Destruction at Our Facility

  • Collection and secure locking of hard drives
  • Safe conveyance of hard drives to our facility
  • Scanning of each hard drive’s serial numbers
  • Secure shredding of drives at our Pipersville, PA-based plant
  • Issuance of a Certificate of Destruction and a detailed report containing all serial numbers

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