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Hard Drive Destruction

TITAN Mobile Shredding shred truck

Whether you own a single computer or manage hundreds, TITAN Mobile Shredding employs cutting-edge technology to safely destroy your hard drives. We can carry out the shredding process either at your York, PA office or at our premises. For larger volumes or specific compliance needs, we bring the shredding machine to your location and demolish the hard drives right in front of you!

Hard Drive Destruction York, PA

If witnessing the destruction isn't necessary for you, we collect the hard drives, secure them in a locked container, and safely transport them to our facility for destruction and recycling. Each drive's barcode is scanned before demolition to offer you a Certificate of Destruction that includes the serial number of every destroyed hard drive. The demolished drives are broken down into components and recycled in accordance with EPA standards.

Our destruction experts utilize the AMS-750HD Shredder to reliably destroy your hard drives. This device was specifically designed to physically shred hard drives, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and various e-waste. This method ensures permanent data deletion and guarantees the drive will never function again.

On-Site Hard Drive Destruction

  • Observe the full process from start to finish for reassurance
  • Scanning of drive serial numbers
  • Shredding of drives in our specially equipped truck
  • Provision of a Certificate of Destruction and a report listing the serial numbers

Hard Drive Destruction at Our Facility

  • Collection and secure containment of hard drives
  • Safe transportation of hard drives to our facility
  • Scanning of drive serial numbers
  • Secure shredding of drives at our Pipersville, PA plant
  • Provision of a Certificate of Destruction and a report listing the serial numbers

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