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Simple Office Cleanup Tips for Greater Productivity in 2018

Advice from Your Trusted Paper Shredding Company 

A neat and tidy work space clears the way to get more done in less time. You save precious hours by not having to hunt around for items and important papers. You find equipment within your reach. You also invite less dust and debris on your desk, and consequently, lesser allergies.
Seasonal office cleanup is not only a great way to get more productive but also make a good impression on visiting clients, vendors, associates, and your colleagues. Clean surroundings are a reflection of how organized and meticulous you are. To get started, first call our professional paper shredding technicians to get rid of unwanted papers and follow these tips below to take it on from there.

How to Keep Your Office Neat and Tidy All Year Long

Creating a productive and healthy work environment begins with ensuring a functional workspace. Follow the checklist below to help you get through your seasonal office cleanup:

  1. Purge and De-clutter: The first step to cleaning is to clear away everything you don’t need. Scan your desk and drawers for all the papers and items you’ve not used in months. They could be old documents, worn-out decorations, pens that don’t work or equipment you don’t use. If you haven’t looked at it for months, chances are you don’t need it. Thereafter, try to keep your desk clutter-free.
  2. Create Separate Compartments: Once your desk is clean, get ready to organize what you do need. Place smaller items in desktop organizers, drawers, small boxes and containers. Put away papers in trays and files. Create a separate space for incoming junk and another for required office supplies. Keep two document trays – one for new files and the other for older ones. Make sure you don’t store every piece of paper indefinitely.
  3. Shred Unwanted Documents: Chances are your office is full of paperwork. Some papers may contain sensitive information, while others may not. Before gathering all the files and documents, sort through the pile to determine what can be recycled and what items are best destroyed by your paper shredding company. Use labels and a file cabinet to neatly store all documents you choose to keep.
  4. Clear Out Computers: Office cleanup is not complete without clearing out unnecessary information stored inside your hard drive and computers. The best way to destroy them completely is by using our professional shredding services. This allows your desktop to run more efficiently and makes it easier for employees to search for information that they actually need. Dust off computer monitors and keyboards. Wipe down with disinfectant.
  5. Take Inventory: Once the clutter around your office has been dealt with, conduct an inventory check. You may notice that you have accumulated more supplies than necessary over the past year. Donate or discard any extra items that you no longer need in 2018.

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