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Use a Professional Product Destruction Service to Destroy Old Uniforms

Learn Who Should Use this Service and Why

Company uniforms or branded work wear represent your corporate values and are an extension of your brand identity. Whether you are a private organization, government agency or an essential services institution, uniforms create a sense of pride, empowerment, and equality among your employees. Some uniform wearers such as the police, firefighters, paramedics, or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) usually gain entry into otherwise restricted areas, while also evoking a sense of respect from the clients, patients, and passersby. Given the significance of uniforms in delivering your brand promise and signifying your corporate code of conduct, it is important that you securely destroy all old or redundant uniforms. Any oversight in this aspect could mean your branded workwear lands in the hands of miscreants, who can use it for illegal gains or criminal activities. 

Protect Your Brand and Business

Why use a professional product destruction service? 

A certified product disposal process by a professional product destruction company has several advantages: 

  • From the collection and transportation of the uniforms, to the actual shredding and proof of disposal, every aspect of the destruction process has sufficient safeguards in place.
  • Your liability is limited since you receive a certificate of destruction which serves as a valid proof for future audits or legal queries.
  • Certified Product destruction specialists are well-versed with your industry norms and other federal, or state regulations applicable to your business, and help you remain compliant at all times.
  • Bringing in the experts would eliminate the threat of expensive lawsuits or hefty fines, enabling greater peace of mind. 

Who will benefit from a professional service to shred uniforms or branded work wear? 

Every business that requires the staff to wear branded corporate apparel or uniforms should consider hiring product destruction specialists while getting rid of old, damaged or redundant uniforms. This will help prevent:

  • Unauthorized use of uniforms for illegal or criminal activities
  • Mistaken identity problems or breach of trust of your staff, employees, or larger communities
  • Unproductive use of valuable storage space

Certain workwear may cause a greater brand identity issue than others in case of improper handling or disposal. This includes uniforms of:

  • All defense services 
  • Private security firms
  • Police, firefighters and EMTs
  • Bank and armored truck staff, including ATM guards
  • Utility companies, food delivery staff
  • Airlines or cruise staff 

TITAN Mobile Shredding Specializes in Secure Product Disposal for Uniforms and Branded Workwear

Whether your uniforms are worn, old, overstocked, damaged, or outdated, use the certified product destruction service by TITAN Mobile Shredding for secure and permanent destruction of branded workwear. Our state-of-the-art product destruction facility features advanced shredding systems that can accept any item up to 3” thick and 12” wide. This includes clothes, boots, belts, shoes, ties, ID cards, or other accessories that form a part of your branded workwear. As a NAID AAA Certified company, we adhere to the highest standards of surveillance measures, access controls, staff scrutiny, and regulatory compliance across the product destruction lifecycle. We are the first company globally to provide NAID Certified product destruction services.

Protect your brand and prevent obsolete products from entering the landfills. For certified product destruction of uniforms or branded workwear, speak to the experts at TITAN Mobile Shredding at (866) 848-2699. You can also contact us online to request a free quote.

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