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What is a Certificate of Destruction?

Certificate of destruction being handed to client

Whether it is documents, media, or computer hard drives with sensitive information, there are many good reasons to securely dispose of items that store confidential information and keep them out of the hands of others. If there are any future questions about what happened to them, the certificate of destruction we provide to our clients in the Greater Philadelphia area will confirm when the destruction was performed. This could be for internal or external purposes, particularly if a legal matter or regulatory issue with a government agency arises.

TITAN Mobile Shredding is a valuable partner in helping your business or organization operate safely and securely. Our services can address issues you currently face and prevent future headaches you want to avoid. Call us today at (866) 848-2699 to learn more.

The Certificate Lists What Happened, Who Was Involved, and When

To comply with federal and state laws your company may be required to safeguard the confidential information of customers, clients, and employees. This information could be maintained on paper, computer hard drives , and various media. Safeguarding means keeping information secure so others won’t have access to it. It also means employing a secure destruction process, so no one has access to the information when it is no longer needed. A certificate of destruction from a certified company is an essential part of a comprehensive data protection program meeting regulatory requirements.

A certificate of destruction details when the destruction took place and who was responsible for the work. It describes how the material was handled through the process and establishes that the destruction was done in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, or rules. It also enables you to show that the shredding was done in accordance with internal policies or requirements.

Prevent Future Problems by Establishing the Destruction of Materials Containing Personal  Information

This certificate may help protect your company in case of governmental or legal disputes about your handling of confidential or personal information. If you are accused of allowing the release of sensitive information, the certificate can help establish that the information was destroyed properly.

Your firm may also become involved in litigation and be ordered by a judge to turn over certain documents or other evidence. If they were destroyed as part of your standard practice, a certificate of destruction could help show the opposing party and the judge that what is sought no longer exists. It will show how the material was handled, by whom, and that it was shredded.

Destroying Information and Creating Peace of Mind

TITAN Mobile Shredding can destroy a number of things to help your business or organization, but it is what we create that is more important – peace of mind. That includes the knowledge that stored information that outlived its usefulness and may pose potential future problems is no longer a threat. The certificate of destruction provides you with important facts about the process, including when and how the material was destroyed.

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This certification is recognized by regulatory organizations as the premier standard for integrity, security and compliance.

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