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Why You Must Destroy Your Business’s Unwanted Products and Not Donate Them

Many companies have come under fire for throwing away and/or destroying unwanted products. Some people believe these products could have been donated. Unfortunately, this option is fraught with many issues and so destroying them often makes the most sense.

I Can’t Sell It. Why Not Give It Away? 

Many businesses are built for speed. You may rely on “just-in-time” suppliers and create your products as efficiently as possible. Then, instead of buying or leasing a large space to store your products, you get them out the door to paying customers as quickly as possible. Your limited storage space and need for a quick turnaround can make holding onto products too costly. Items you can’t sell must go somewhere and donating them could slow down your operation costing you money.

Finding the right place to donate may be cost-prohibitive. Depending on what you have, there may not be people or organizations interested in a donation nearby or at all. You will end up investing time and resources in attempting to find a reputable non-profit to take them.

You never know where your products will go after they’re out of your control. Though a donation may be well-intended, you are creating an alternate, unapproved distribution and sales network thanks to online sellers using eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and even Amazon. If a problem occurs, you may be held liable even if it wasn’t sold and/or used correctly.

You need to protect your brand. If you sell something expensive, you probably market it as high quality, very durable, or high-tech. If it’s for sale on eBay or the local thrift store for a fraction of what you charge, not only are you creating more competition and dragging down your market price, your product may not seem so exclusive and valuable.

If these items aren’t selling because they are returns, expired, damaged, or not up to your production standards, putting second-quality products that will disappoint, if not injure, members of the public, will damage your reputation. If your product was used as intended and caused harm, you might also expose yourself to legal liability.

You don’t like seeing your products being destroyed and don’t want to fill up landfill space. However, doing so often makes the most business sense. Even if they’re in perfect condition, outdated or returned items may be too expensive to store while you hope to find someone to buy them.

TITAN Mobile Shredding Can Protect You, Your Customers, and Your Brand

Our state-of-the-art facility in Pipersville, PA, safely disposes of and permanently destroys many items. TITAN follows the highest standards of secure product destruction, so you can rest assured we are at the end of the line for unwanted products.

If you have unwanted products you don’t want to or can’t sell, the experienced TITAN Mobile Shredding professionals can destroy and dispose of your products through our efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly product destruction services. Call us at (866) 848-2699 or contact us online to learn more.

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