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You Create or Sell Products. Why Should You Destroy Unwanted Products?

Your entire company may be devoted to producing and selling products and some of those products probably get returned. Others are defective and you cannot sell them. How do you dispose of these unwanted products? Hire TITAN Mobile Shredding to destroy your unwanted paper and products. We will protect your company from the sale of products you want off the market by ensuring they are properly destroyed.

Why Would You Destroy What You Create?

Companies need to be particularly careful with branded products, especially those that do not meet production standards. If they do not properly destroy and dispose of these products, they can quickly end up in secondary markets. Online sales platforms allow easy access to buy defective or trademarked products as new or used. This exposes your company to liability that you should try hard to avoid.

If counterfeit, defective, or expired products end up back in the market, what happens? The consequences include:

  • Consumers might be injured, exposing your company to lawsuits, government action, and bad publicity. You’ve spent a lot of time and resources developing your brand and reputation. It doesn’t take much to lose them.
  • Your sales and intellectual property are put at risk if factories sell your defective products to competitors or they lead to copycat products.

Your unusable products and merchandise need to go through an irreversible destruction process so they won’t find a new life thanks to unauthorized sellers.

Types of Products That Should Be Destroyed
  • Product Recalls

Rejected, recalled, expired, or unwanted products should not be sold on a secondary market unless specified by the manufacturer or designer. You take back returns, but then what? You may try to repair and re-sell them or you may disassemble them and salvage valuable parts. If those aren’t options, do you throw these products away? Your dumpster may be supplying someone’s online sales business. Professional dumpster divers or employees may be using the contents of your dumpster to make money on the side.

Factories making your products could sell rejected products to your competitor or on eBay or Amazon to consumers. Purchasers may think they get a great deal and not realize that they bought defective goods. Products that you don’t want customers to have may end up in their hands if they’re not destroyed.

  • Counterfeits

Customers may return counterfeits to you that they bought from someone else thinking they were genuine. Don’t throw them away so they can make their way back into the marketplace. Destroy them so they never concern you again.

  • Overstock

Whether you’re a manufacturer or distributor, you may find you’re the last one holding onto products after their useful lives. They may have expired or the manufacturer is no longer in business. If you’re legally obligated not to sell it, make sure no one else puts it on the market by destroying it.

TITAN Mobile Shredding Can Protect You and Your Customers

If you have obsolete, expired, or defective goods you can’t or don’t want to sell, the experienced professionals at TITAN Mobile Shredding can destroy and dispose of them through our safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly certified product destruction services. Call us at (866) 848-2699 or contact us online to learn more.

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