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Are Employees Bringing Trouble When They Bring Their Own Devices?

Does it make sense for employers to have a “bring your own device” policy and allow employees to use their own electronic devices for work? There are potential savings (the employees buy the device) but there are ongoing security threats that you must address. That gets more complicated when employees use their own devices. Devices and Who Owns What Working from home became the default during the COVID-19 pandemic for those of us who didn’t need to be at or

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Time For a HIPAA Refresher Course

If your organization handles personal medical information, you and your staff must keep up to date. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created standards for releasing sensitive patient health information. When was the last time employees handling this data learned about its requirements? When they were hired? If so, has there been any training since? We think it is a great idea to offer a refresher to all of your employees so they have the opportunity to

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Big Scams for Small Businesses

TITAN helps businesses and medical practices as well as legal and accounting firms in many ways, but mostly we’re in the security business. Our clients free up space when we dispose of old files, but most importantly, we prevent the information in them from being misused. TITAN wants all our customers to be successful and secure. Shredding files and computer memory devices is only part of the solution.  Scam Warning Signs  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a lot of

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Why Does My Office Need an Information Security Policy?

If you’ve recently opened a bank account, started working with a new accountant, or gone into a doctor’s office, you know the paperwork they require, with many standard questions regarding your Social Security number, address, insurance policy numbers, and other personal details. You may wonder where all their papers go when they are no longer needed. You want to be sure that your personal information is disposed of securely. Likewise, if you are a business owner who collects personal information

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Why You Must Destroy Your Business’s Unwanted Products and Not Donate Them

Many companies have come under fire for throwing away and/or destroying unwanted products. Some people believe these products could have been donated. Unfortunately, this option is fraught with many issues and so destroying them often makes the most sense. I Can’t Sell It. Why Not Give It Away?  Many businesses are built for speed. You may rely on “just-in-time” suppliers and create your products as efficiently as possible. Then, instead of buying or leasing a large space to store your

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