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Limitations of the Office Shredder

Although the shredder you bought from Staples or Amazon should be up to the task of protecting you personally, that’s not the case if you plan to use it for your business, medical practice, or law firm.  The documents you are storing contain financial, or confidential information that deserves vigilance, security, and a destruction process that leaves many office shredders lacking. Capacity How many sheets can that shredder handle before it overheats or fails?   How many pages can you feed

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Beware of Dumpster Divers

If something has value, someone will find a way to get it. The information and data on many of your documents are valuable. Therefore, there’s a chance someone will go through your dumpster or recycling bin to retrieve them. Prevent that from happening by hiring TITAN Mobile Shredding to take these potentially dangerous but no longer useful papers off your hands. There’s a big difference between throwing out documents and shredding them to the point that the information is not

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The Right Shredding Service in the Area for You

We know you are searching for a “shredding service near me.” All organizations have shredding needs and TITAN Mobile Shredding is here to help clients in New Jersey, Northern Delaware, and the Greater Philadelphia Area. Choose the shredding service you trust to do the job thoroughly and professionally. Here are three questions to ask when deciding who to hire. How Are Their Reviews? Thanks to the internet and social media, you can read reviews of just about every business in

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The Environmental Benefits of Shredding

All the paper we shred is recycled. Recycled paper replaces paper created from trees, so fewer trees are needed to supply us with paper. But that’s only the start of the environmental benefits of recycling paper. Recycling Paper Means Fewer Trees Lost, Less Waste, Less Pollution, and Reduced Water and Energy Use When we recycle your shredded paper, and you buy products containing recycled paper, we’re helping an industry that can benefit the environment for years to come. We also

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Lawyers Should Shred Documents to Protect Themselves and Their Clients

A lawyer works on many issues for clients that involve highly personal matters and financial information that, if disclosed, could cause clients a lot of harm. Unauthorized disclosures would not only be unethical but, depending on the circumstances, could result in a malpractice claim. Here in the Greater Philadelphia Area, we are here to help. You’re Under an Ethical Obligation to Take Reasonable Steps to Prevent Unauthorized Information Disclosure Under Rule 1.6 of Pennsylvania’s Rules of Professional Conduct: (a) A

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