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Limitations of the Office Shredder

Although the shredder you bought from Staples or Amazon should be up to the task of protecting you personally, that’s not the case if you plan to use it for your business, medical practice, or law firm. 

The documents you are storing contain financial, or confidential information that deserves vigilance, security, and a destruction process that leaves many office shredders lacking.


  • How many sheets can that shredder handle before it overheats or fails?  
  • How many pages can you feed into it at any one time? A couple? Five?  
  • How much do you pay an employee to do nothing more than feed thousands of documents, a few pieces of paper at a time, into this machine? Use our online cost analysis tool to help you answer this question.


TITAN Mobile Shredding can handle all the documents you want securely destroyed. We can come to your office, or you can bring the material to us. The only time your employees will spend is the few seconds needed to slip their documents into the secure containers we’ll provide you, or they can gather up all the paper you want us to handle and transport it to our Pipersville facility.  

Ear Plugs, Paper Jams & Readable Strips

Most office shredders can run smoothly for approximately 30 minutes. However, there may be delays due to paper jams. Once your shredder is back up and running, your office can listen to the noisy buzz of paper cutting with most paper strips big enough to be pieced together using special software. If you are still using an office shredder, consider running the paper through your shredder a second time.  

With TITAN Mobile Shredding, you won’t need earplugs or a technician to address a paper jam. Moreover, the micro-cut pieces are immediately mixed and baled to be shipped to a paper recycler.  

To Recycle or To Trash, That is the Question?

While an employee may be willing to sit and run five sheets at a time, where do you dispose of the remaining paper pieces? Choosing to recycle them or throw them into the trash leaves a potential opportunity for criminals.

Your shredded material is transported by AAA NAID-certified drivers who follow stringent security protocols. We are committed to following all federal and state disposal laws. 

No Proof 

If a data breach occurs, investigators may contact you looking for documentation on how you destroyed your confidential information. That will be impossible because they weren’t securely shredded, and unlike TITAN customers, you won’t have a Certificate of Destruction listing what was destroyed and when. If the affected party is a client, customer, or contractor, this may impact your relationship.

Trust TITAN Mobile Shredding to Keep Your Information Safe 

TITAN Mobile Shredding can efficiently and securely destroy documents for your business, law firm, or medical practice. We’ll do the work so you won’t have to. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that sensitive data and information won’t fall into the wrong hands and expose you to legal liability. 

TITAN serves the shredding needs of organizations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Call us at (866) 848-2699 to discuss your needs. We can explain how we can customize our services so you can afford the price. 

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We are NAID AAA Certified Since 2007​

This certification is recognized by regulatory organizations as the premier standard for integrity, security and compliance.

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