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When to Use Certified Product Destruction

What can you do with a warehouse full of recalled, expired, or defective products that should be removed from the marketplace? Some manufacturers seek economical and environmentally friendly methods such as repurposing, recycling, or donating marginal goods. Still, you may want to think again, as these efforts can ultimately dilute your brand’s reputation and could eventually lead to legal action. This blog reviews various circumstances when certified product destruction is your best option. Whether you make a well-intentioned donation or

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The Benefits of Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the importance of data security. This shredding service is particularly convenient for businesses because it can be done on-site and doesn’t require any special equipment. Mobile shredding services are also more affordable than traditional shredding methods, making them an excellent option for businesses on a budget. How does it work and what are the benefits for your organization in choosing mobile shredding for the business? Mobile shredding –

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Working From Home? Find Out How To Keep Your Home Office Secure

Working from home has several advantages, including being able to work flexible hours, minimal surprises, and environment. However, working from home might actually mislead you into a false feeling of security when it comes to keeping your workstation and equipment safe, thanks to its familiar surroundings and home comforts. In truth, you’re still vulnerable to the security concerns that commercial workplaces confront. As a result, putting security measures and best practices in place is critical to protecting yourself, your company,

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TITAN Mobile Shredding, LLC – 15th Consecutive Annual Certification Received

For the 15th consecutive year, TITAN Mobile Shredding, LLC has received the highest level of certification in the secure document destruction industry – NAID AAA Certification. TITAN received its first annual Certification in July 2007, becoming the first mobile document destruction company to become NAID Certified in Eastern Pennsylvania. In addition to mobile document destruction, Certifications now include Plant-Based Document Destruction, Mobile and Plant-Based Media and Hard Drive Destruction, new in 2018 – Certified Product Destruction. The Certification is valid

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Safeguarding Against Fraud & Identity Theft

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the world, school districts are struggling with the big decision of reopening schools versus teaching through online platforms. The coronavirus containment measures and limited extra-curricular activities have led to an unprecedented increase in the amount of screen time. As a parent, if you worry about kids playing online games or browsing inappropriate websites, those worries may be further multiplied now.

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We are NAID AAA Certified Since 2007​

This certification is recognized by regulatory organizations as the premier standard for integrity, security and compliance.

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