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How Remote Employees Can Protect Sensitive Data

Most large companies and many smaller companies offer flexible and/or off-site work arrangements for at least some of their employees. While working remotely has quite a few advantages for both the company and the employee, there are many complications as well. One significant obstacle for your company to tackle is document security. If you have any remote employees, it’s important to have a clear plan in place for handling sensitive data. A clearly defined Records and Information Management Policy will

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Developing Policies around Data Protection

Federal and state governments have enacted a number of privacy laws to protect consumers, and one or another of these data protection laws applies to any organization that has employees or customers – which is almost every organization. You’ll find a list of key regulations on our website. While these regulations have some differences, they share several common factors. They make it illegal to allow unauthorized access to sensitive information; many require organizations to train their employees on data protection,

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