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The Importance of Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Why Deleting Data or Dumping Drives is Not Good Enough Tossing something into the garbage or recycle bin may seem like the end of it. However, that is not true when it comes to getting rid of sensitive or confidential digital documents. Anyone with a basic understanding of technology can retrieve deleted electronic information through software or apps that are freely available. If fraudsters or cybercriminals get access to such devices, they can use the information pertaining to your business,

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Have You Securely Destroyed Your Documents and Hard Drives this Year?

Learn More about End-of-the-Year Shredding Best Practices Another year is almost over and this one has been like no other in our lifetimes. With the global coronavirus crisis still looming large and destroying lives and livelihoods, most of us have modified our ways of learning, working, playing, and socializing. In this challenging year, it’s possible that you may have left many non-emergency tasks, such as paper shredding unattended due to other business exigencies and priorities. However, before the close of

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Create a Safe and Efficient Plan for Product Destruction

Destroying Sensitive Information is Critical for your Business For every business, certain items are proprietary in nature. They include not just the products that you manufacture, sell, or distribute, but also a number of other items, such as staff IDs, uniforms or branded workwear, marketing materials, packaging and labels, company stationery and more. Since these items contain branded, trademarked, or patented information, their misuse could lead to a number of legal, financial, or reputational issues that could potentially ruin your

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Medical Identity Theft is More than a Health Sector Problem

Insights from Your Trusted Data Destruction Professionals in Philadelphia A rapidly growing strain of identity theft, medical identity theft has left thousands of families devastated in its wake. Studies indicate that about 65% of the victims pay an average of $13,500 to resolve the situation and recover from the theft. While healthcare continues to rank as one of the most vulnerable sectors for data breaches, medical identity theft is more than just a breach of your health information. It involves

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Safe Disposal of Redundant Electronic Devices is Important

Learn How to Destroy Old Computers and Digital Media Properly The average American has access to more than 10 connected devices at any point. This may include computers, laptops, smart phones, smart watches, tablets, hard drives, thumb drives, and a number of other personal electronic devices. Each of these devices may store some amount of confidential data or Personal Identifiable Information (PII). While you may invest in advanced technology or software to protect your devices during use, it is equally

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