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Your business documents are flooded with sensitive information so, therefore, they need to be protected when disposed of; professional document destruction is one simple method that guarantees your privacy and security.  What about other items, such as non-paper materials that you no longer need? Keep your brand protected by remembering to implement proper product destruction. When you partner with TITAN Mobile Shredding, your business will benefit from not only document shredding services, but professional product destruction solutions as well. Our

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The Advantages of Hard Drive Destruction

Large companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies and other organizations have a lot in common, but one specifically stands out; each use computers on a daily basis for generating, storing, and e-mailing sensitive information. With so many computers and such a vast volume of data being processed and shared on the web, how can you be confident that data is safe, and there’s no chance of exposure?  What about the data that is stored on your hard drives? What are you

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Identity Theft Prevention Tips: Keep Your Doylestown Office Secure

Did you know that in the United States there is an identity fraud victim every two seconds? In fact, the Federal Trade Commission ranks the top consumer complaints made in the United States each year, and in 2014, identity theft was the highest complaint for the 15th year in a row. What is identity theft all about anyways? Identity theft is the fraudulent acquisition and use of one’s personal identifying information, typically for financial gain. On the other hand, business

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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Document Shredding Company

1.Legal Obligation: All organizations, regardless of their size, must protect sensitive documents in accordance with key privacy legislation such as HIPAA and FACTA. Old business documents that contain personal information must be securely shredded when it is time for them to be disposed of. Throwing them away in the trash or recycling bin provides no protection to your company and customers, and this type of negligent act could result in legal action if it’s discovered your company failed to follow

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Interesting Facts About Identity Theft

As a trusted business in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, securing your sensitive business records is of the utmost importance. Failing to properly shred sensitive material can leave your business, employees, and customers susceptible to harm; most notably, identity theft.  Unfortunately, this crime takes place more than you think, and easier than you probably think – once every three seconds. The good news? It is preventative with the right steps! Let’s take a look at some interesting findings in relation to identity

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