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Why You Must Destroy Your Business’s Unwanted Products and Not Donate Them

Many companies have come under fire for throwing away and/or destroying unwanted products. Some people believe these products could have been donated. Unfortunately, this option is fraught with many issues and so destroying them often makes the most sense. I Can’t Sell It. Why Not Give It Away?  Many businesses are built for speed. You may rely on “just-in-time” suppliers and create your products as efficiently as possible. Then, instead of buying or leasing a large space to store your

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When to Use Certified Product Destruction

What can you do with a warehouse full of recalled, expired, or defective products that should be removed from the marketplace? Some manufacturers seek economical and environmentally friendly methods such as repurposing, recycling, or donating marginal goods. Still, you may want to think again, as these efforts can ultimately dilute your brand’s reputation and could eventually lead to legal action. This blog reviews various circumstances when certified product destruction is your best option. Whether you make a well-intentioned donation or

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