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Hard Drive Destruction & Disposal Tips

Get Rid of Sensitive Information with Data Destruction Specialists New technology means more efficiency in the workplace, but it also means more opportunities for data breaches, security problems, and confidential information to be exposed. While mass digital storage has been a huge advantage for many industries, all companies should take into account how these options will inevitably effect data collection and security. If you need assistance with hard drive destruction, follow these tips: Beware of Hazards – Before taking things

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Document Shredding Solutions for Your Financial Company

Today, business owners must take serious measures to properly protect private information; failing to do so can put your business at considerable risk. This is of even greater importance to remember if you’re the owner of a bank or financial institution. Of course, with this industry comes a considerable volume of financial data requiring protection from a legal standpoint. Operating and managing a bank requires many key responsibilities and strict procedures that must be put into place to maintain confidentiality.

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Choosing a Document Shredding Provider That Fits Your Needs

In business today, it is critical for Doylestown companies to maintain internal information security for the protection of their business and customers. What is the best approach in ensuring this? Professional document shredding by a reliable and trusted paper shredding provider. Office shredders are not built to shred large volumes of documents, and they simply lack the level of security you would receive from professionals. Remember that your security is on the line, and shredding in-house requires time and commitment

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Secure Destruction of Medical Records: Mandated by HIPAA

Many Philadelphia healthcare professionals are aware of the significant increase in data loss and data theft. Therefore it is vital to realize the importance of securing critical patient information at all times. Failing to do so puts your medical office at significant risk of a data breach, and could unknowingly expose sensitive data to wrong individuals. Whether information is stored electronically or physically through hard copy record storage, it’s imperative that certain safeguards are taken at all times. Healthcare professionals file

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A Certificate of Destruction: What it Really Means

If your Doylestown business is contemplating seeking professional paper shredding, obtaining a Certificate of Destruction is a great step towards compliance. If you’re currently shredding in-house through the use of an office shredder, this is better than failing to shred entirely, but it does lack some important security factors that could put your business at risk. Outsourcing your document destruction needs guarantees that the process is carried out diligently and in accordance with strict privacy laws. Your employees are not

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