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Fun Facts about Paper Shredding

Paper Shredding Has a Long History!   Paper shredding may appear like a routine mechanical process, but the method has been in practice for over a century. Today, many companies use professional paper shredding services for data destruction, to eliminate risk of misuse. Not only is safe disposal of data a measure of a company’s commitment to its clients, customers and its internal security, it is also a legal requirement. Interestingly, the compulsion that drives companies to use commercial paper

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How Paper Shredding Helps the Environment

How Your Organization Can Stay Safe, Compliant and Eco-Friendly   Organizations of any size will inevitably use a lot of paper—for packaging, documentation, information management, and so on. Perhaps your company has a strong policy on preventing wasted resources and discourages employees from printing documents and emails on paper unless absolutely necessary. Even so, there is bound to be a sizeable amount of paper generated that needs to be discarded. When you hire a certified shredding and data destruction company,

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Corporate Identity Theft and Prevention Methods

How to Minimize Your Risks of Corporate Identity Theft  With the rapid and widespread growth of online business, corporate identity theft is a concern for individuals and organizations alike. This type of theft occurs when fraudsters impersonate a company or individual to gain access to their confidential information such as client lists, customer information, employer ID numbers, credit line information, online passwords, and so on. Breaches and leaks can make your company look vulnerable, and customers are likely to view

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Myths about Paper Shredding

Did you know that in the United States, it is not illegal for people to search through your trash? Therefore, criminals can and are very likely to search through your garbage for any personal information that they can use. Paper shredding done regularly and professionally, is therefore, a necessary part of organizational administration and security. There are many myths circulating about paper shredding, and many of them are surprisingly believable unless you know the facts. Here are some common myths

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Shred Event Season Begins!

TITAN Mobile Shredding works with a host of local sponsors to provide over 25 community shredding events annually. For 2017, events kick off on Saturday, April 8th. Events are typically sponsored by a local bank, credit union, municipality, state legislator or business. The events are for community residents and typically limited to three file boxes of papers. No need to remove staples or paper clips. Bring your records in reusable plastic totes for fast and easy service. TITAN staff will

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